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May. 20th, 2012

I forget where I read it (possibly Robert McKee's 'Story') but there's an idea that you should start your story or screenplay when your character's life changes, follow the conflicts that the change brings, then end the story when the conflicts are resolved.

( tsukimasu posted this in http://community.wizards.com/bookclub/go/thread/view/110769/29103987/Book_Club_Discussion_-_Brimstone_Angels_-_Prologue__Chapters_1-2?pg=2 )

This sounds like GREAT advice. Like it should be DUH, intuitive, but I've never thought, seen or heard it stated so clearly.

puppeh pt. 5

"Oh my God. I'm overwhelmed with happiness."

Those are the words of one of Lucky's owners after the HUGE success of yesterday's fundraiser, and I'm feeling the same! Over $3,000 was raised in just those 2 hours! Wow..... I'm on the verge of tears, I'm so delighted!

Yes, that guy with the camera must've been from the LSJ, because there is another article today, with 3 pictures of Lucky, plus one of some of the volunteers in action. One of the pictures is at the bottom of the front page, leading you to the article which begins on the front page of section B. The picture on page 5B shows the daughter whom I spoke with yesterday, Sarah Cain, a.k.a. "Lucky's sister." : )

Now, I don't mean to be a nag, but please don't let this great news stop you from considering buying the Ren Fair tickets. The article points out that she's now had a 4th surgery and, "There's no telling yet how much the dog's medical bills will be." I myself plan on donating again in a week or two, when my budget allows -- gotta keep the girl stocked in shoes! Besides, I don't think you'll find 2 Ren Fair tix for $25 anywhere else. And I'd much rather donate them to Lucky's cause than to use them myself, even though it would be a lot of fun; helping Lucky would make me happier.

Love to all, Rebecca -- and thanks one more time to all who donated! I hope this makes you feel as warm and joyous as I do. : )

P.S. I forgot to mention the 2 young girls selling lemonade to raise money for Lucky at the car wash -- how sweet is that?

puppeh pt. 4

tl;dr: Two Ren Faire tickets still available, see last paragraph.

Also: Thanks to Donors & Lucky Health Update.


Hi, all!

The car wash was a big success! I have no idea how much money they raised, but there was a long line of cars, and when I asked if people have been keeping them busy today, one of the volunteers said, "Boy, have they ever!" I know at least one driver came from Mason just for the fundraiser. And there was a man with a professional-looking camera, so maybe he was from the LSJ or the Community News. Hopefully one of them will do another story with a picture that Raea and I can link to. I got a couple of pictures myself, but I have yet to figure out how to get them from my camera to the net! I'll work on that, and post them when I can. (It may take a few days, luddite that I am. Raea? Help!!) {Secretart sez: I don't know how to do this either. Can someone else help?}

I got to meet Lucky and pet her. : ) The adult daughter of the man who pulled Lucky out from under the SUV and adopted her was walking her down the line of cars to meet all the people. (The daughter, btw, calls Lucky her "new sister" -- another reason why I feel very good about her new family.) Lucky showed no sign of having any trouble walking on her heavily bandaged feet. She was shaking a bit, but we think it was from the chilly air, not the crowds and vehicles and fuss. After all, she's missing a big patch of her coat at the moment, and bandages don't provide much warmth -- and today's freaking cold!! (Not to complain, because I prefer it to the swelter, but I'm not used to this!) They're going to buy her a coat for winter, and shoes, too, which it's possible she might need all the time, depending on how well her feet recover.

Someone asked the daughter how Lucky is coping emotionally, and she said that she's doing very well and they really haven't seen any signs of distress, except when she hears a diesel engine start up (like the SUV). No wonder there! Other than the shaking, which -- again -- may just have been from the chill, I saw no signs of skittishness myself, I'm very happy to report. I mean, she had plenty of strangers coming up to her, many of whom petted her, and she seemed comfortable with all of it.... a little focused on the moving vehicles, perhaps, but she sure didn't act threatened or snippy at all.

I gave the donations I collected last night and my own directly to the daughter, and made sure I told her that I'd "passed the hat" amongst my friends. So I can now pass along Lucky's family's thanks to Raea, Jim, CJ, Nancy, and Ted, and I thank you all again, too. You guys rock!! And if I missed any of you at the car wash or you donated otherwise, thanks to you, too.

And I still have 2 tickets for the Renaissance Fair, which I would still like to sell to benefit Lucky. Nancy gave $25 for the other 2, so the first person to offer as much -- or more??? (hey, Lucky and I can hope! : ) ) -- can have the remaining pair. Their face value is $19.95 per ticket, so you'd be getting a bargain for a good cause. Contact me at happyluddite.reka@gmail.com. I'll consider all other offers, but if you offer less than $25, expect to wait a few days or longer to find out if I'll accept, because I'd like to wait and see if a $25 offer will come in. If you specifically want to attend this coming weekend (Sept. 11th or 12th) -- or any other particular weekend -- let me know, and I'll make my decision before then. Otherwise, unless or until a $25 offer comes in, I guess you all have 'til the end of the month to think it over, as the last weekend of the Fair is October 2nd & 3rd, and as far as I know the Lucky Fund at the bank will stay open for a while.

Love to all, Rebecca
Secretart sez: Rebecca has four tickets to the Holly Renaissance Festival to give to those who donate to help teh puppeh!


Go Renaissance for Lucky!

I just won 4 tickets to the Renaissance Festival, which I will auction off among our circle to the highest bidder to benefit Lucky the dog. (I love how the universe works sometimes; the timing couldn't be better!) Not interested yourself? Then please pass this information along to anyone you think might be -- don't assume they're reading this.

Hopefully we'll be able to make the exchange at Sci-fi at Jim & CJ's this Friday (Sept. 3) -- the sooner, the better, both for Lucky's new owner, and for more options to attend the Festival. Can't make it to Sci-fi but you want to make an offer? Then contact me directly at happyluddite.reka@gmail.com. But try to do so by 6 p.m. this Friday, or the tickets may go to the highest bidder who shows up. You can also make bids for just a pair of tickets; I have no problem with giving 2 bidders a pair each.

I was also given 1 brochure for the Festival, which the highest bidder will also get. (If the tickets are split into 2 pairs, then one bidder will just have to get their info from michrenfest.com.) From it, I can tell you the Theme Weekends that are yet to come:
*Sept. 4th, 5th & 6th: Buccaneer Beer Fest -- including Pet Fest, Perfect Pirate Contest, & Beer Baron Brewing Brawl
*Sept. 11th - 12th: Wonders of the World -- incl. World Market, MI State Bocce Ball Tournament & Wine Tastings
*Sept. 18th - 19th: High Seas Adventure -- incl. 3rd Annual Buccaneer BBQ Competition, Beer Tastings, & FREE Vow Renewals
*Sept. 24th, 25th & 26th: Harvest Huzzah! -- incl. Harvest Market, 4th Annual Longbow Tournament & Wine Tastings
*Oct. 2nd - 3rd: Sweet Endings -- incl. 10th Annual Chocolate Festival, Juggling Competition & Charity Wine Auction

It's held in Holly, MI, just SE of Flint. It's open from 9 a.m. (according to the tickets; the brochure says from 10 a.m. -- ?!) to 7 p.m. rain or shine each of the above dates.

Good deal, huh? Have some ye-olde-timey fun, maybe for a bargain, and help out an injured dog and her new owner in the process! Can I get a "Huzzah!"?

puppeh pt. 2

Secretart sez: Rebecca has totes hijacked my lj. Meh, not like I was using it, right?


Update: The turd did it on purpose.

Turns out the driver who dragged Lucky the dog by a chain to his SUV did it intentionally. He's now been charged with animal cruelty and reckless driving -- both misdemeanors, but the most the law allows. At least the drunk driving arrest he incurred later that day violated his probation, so he's been in jail since then. And what was he on probation for, you ask? Shooting a goose with a pellet gun at a park here in town. *disgusted sigh* What a shit stain.

The shit stain's name, BTW, is Todd Meoak. (No, that's not a typo, at least not mine; that's how it's spelled in the LSJ.) He's 18-years-old and from Eaton Rapids. (I'm so proud. *another disgusted sigh*)

You know, I've been really disgusted with our species lately, what with BP, Arizona's "Papers, Please" law (SB-1070), the "Ground Zero mosque" bullshit, Glenn Beck's Apocalypse sponsored by gold dealers, "Obama's a Socialist", "Obama's a racist", "Obama's Hitler", "Obama's the Antichrist", the egg recall and the investigation that found filthy conditions at the two Iowa mega-farms -- "but what we need is smaller government and less regulation" -- and this whole episode has not helped. Thank the gods for whomever it was who pulled their pickup in front of this loser and forced him to stop, and the people who were honking at him, trying to do the same. They've restored a little faith in humanity in me.

BTW, how is it that some of the issues above are even considered political?? A poisoned environment?! A contaminated food supply?! We can't all agree on those things??? How the hell did that happen? In what universe does that make sense?

help teh poor puppeh!

tl;dr: Rebecca will be at Casa Cthulhu for Sci-Fi Friday to collect $ to help pay the vet bills for a victim of animal cruelty. Feel free to link. ~ teh Secretart

This story has a happy ending, so keep reading, please!

On August 15, in my hometown of Eaton Rapids, a dog was dragged behind an SUV for possibly 3/4 of a mile. (See the article in the Lansing State Journal on Saturday, August 28, which includes a picture of the recovering dog -- such a sweetie!) The driver claimed he didn't know she was there... but later the same day he was arrested for driving drunk. The dog was not his, but belonged to some people he was staying with, and they never came forward to claim the dog. So whomever's to blame, and whether there was intention or not, none of these people should be allowed near any animal again.

She has now been adopted by a man who lives near where this tragedy stopped. He's the one who took her to the vet, telling them he would "do whatever it takes" to help.

The 5-year-old Rottweiler mix, now named Lucky, has undergone 3 surgeries and could face more. She suffered severe skin loss to parts of her body, as well as the loss of her pads and toenails, which could grow back.

A fund has been set up to help pay for her vet bills. Donations to the Lucky Fund can be made at Eaton Federal Savings Bank in Eaton Rapids, or at the Eaton Rapids Police Department. There will also be a fundraiser car wash at the Eaton Rapids police and fire department complex this Saturday (Sept. 4) from 10 a.m. to noon, where Lucky is expected to attend. For directions to the car wash, see below. But there's another option....

Since going to Eaton Rapids is a bit of a schlep for most of you -- even more so currently because of major construction downtown -- I will be collecting donations at Sci-Fi @ Jim & CJ's this Friday evening (Sept. 3), to make it easier. Just a couple bucks from each of us will add up quickly, so don't feel like you have to donate big. (Or at all -- I don't want to guilt anyone into this; I just want to facilitate things if you do want to help.)

Thanks for reading...and thanks even more if you're donating!! :) Love to all, Rebecca

From Lansing: Drive south on M-99 (MLK, in Lansing) to Eaton Rapids. Continue straight through traffic light (the first you'll encounter in town) at M-99/M-50 junction (the street becomes Brook St. past the light). In approximately 2/10 of a mile, turn right at Line St., the second intersection after traffic light (the first intersection, at Church St., only goes to the right); police & fire department complex on corner; parking lot is past the fire trucks' entrance (WATCH FOR "DO NOT ENTER" SIGNS AT FIRE TRUCKS' ENTRANCE).

From Charlotte: Drive east on M-50 to Eaton Rapids. Turn right at traffic light (the first you'll encounter in town) at M-50/M-99 junction, onto Brook St. (called Canal St. going left). In approximately 2/10 of a mile, turn right at Line St., the second intersection after traffic light (the first intersection, at Church St., only goes to the right); police & fire department complex on corner; parking lot is past the fire trucks' entrance (WATCH FOR "DO NOT ENTER" SIGNS AT FIRE TRUCKS' ENTRANCE).

From Jackson & Albion: Drive north on M-50/M-99 through downtown Eaton Rapids; you will go through a construction zone -- the southbound lane is closed (directions for leaving town again to follow). Turn left at M-50/M-99 junction onto Brook St. -- this will be the fourth traffic light you'll encounter in town (the first is by McDonald's, the second by Subway, the third by Quality Dairy). In approximately 2/10 mile, turn right at Line St., the second intersection after traffic light (the first intersection, at Church St., only goes to the right); police & fire department complex on corner; parking lot is past the fire trucks' entrance (WATCH FOR "DO NOT ENTER" SIGNS AT FIRE TRUCKS' ENTRANCE).
>>To leave town again (going south): Take Line St. back across Brook St. to W. Knight St. -- it's a strange intersection, with Brook meeting Knight at a 45-degree angle, just past the point where Line connects the two. (If that doesn't make sense, I think it will when you see it.) Turn left onto W. Knight St. You'll be going due east now. Following detour, turn right on Hall St. Continue approximately 3/10 mile to Broad St., where there's a blinking yellow light; turn left. Turn right at next street, which is Main St./M-50/M-99. Continue south out of town.

a little knowledge...

I was listening to this public radio call-in show with someone from Newsweek who finds support for gay marriage in the bible, and someone called in and basically said the bible is against homosexuality duh, and the host asked well how do you feel about the biblical verses supporting slavery, and the caller replied something like "slavery comes from Darwin, who said black people came from monkeys."


D =

mental jukebox of doooom

this is the sort of thing my brain does all day:

Some Democratic senator, after the minor punishment of Joe Lieberman, says "we're moving forward..."

and my brain goes:

Moving forward using all my breath
Caucusing with you was never second best
Happy birthday to teh awesome and hawt urban_exotic and holyscapegoat!

local politics

The City Pulse has a feature on the Ingham county judicial races this week.

I'm sure next week they'll have more local election coverage.